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The FICAM Roadmap

The FICAM Enterprise Architecture, as described in the FICAM Roadmap and Implementation Guidance v2.0, was first created in 2009 to provide a common segment-architecture for identity, credential, and access management for use by Federal agencies. While the FICAM Roadmap remains as a comprehensive source of information that has played a guiding role for ICAM programs and implementation efforts across the Federal Government, it is a lengthy document that does not translate well to today’s digital society. With that in mind, ICAM experts from across the Federal Government came together to create an updated FICAM Enterprise Architecture that is concise, easy to understand, and visually appealing, while reflecting the latest updates in cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, and the ICAM policy and technology landscape.

The Architecture & Playbook Tiger Team

In 2015, members of the Federal ICAM Community participated in a Tiger Team under the direction and guidance of the Federal CIO Council’s ICAMSC to review, validate, and revise elements of the FICAM Architecture as described in the FICAM Roadmap and Implementation Guidance v2.0. Members of this effort worked under the following guiding principles:

  • The initial architecture was still largely correct and relevant, and revision activities should focus on modernization and enhancements rather than a complete overhaul
  • Existing architecture elements should be considered for update and inclusion to maintain “backwards compatibility” with existing agency enterprise architecture design
  • Architecture artifacts should focus on common ICAM goals, processes, and requirements rather than outliers or “one-off” agency use cases
  • Any new elements should address gaps or improve clarity to decrease the original documents length
  • Updates should address the need for greater efficiencies, cost savings, and shared infrastructure
  • Elements should align with the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture for government-wide consistency

The Move to Online Collaboration

To support a collaborative, iterative environment for the Federal ICAM Community, the FICAM Enterprise Architecture has been released to this site for continuous refinement and improvement.

Stakeholders and partners are encouraged to regularly review this information and provide comments and recommended edits on how it can be improved, clarified, or updated to support agency knowledge and ICAM implementation. Source files, final records, and future revisions will be managed by the FICAM Program, with guidance and support from the CIO Council’s ICAMSC.