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Open an Issue

Issues are the primary method to share information and discussions with the broader community. You can submit issues with:

  • Suggestions - you want to suggest a change or addition to the content on this site.
  • Corrections - you identified a problem with content on this site and want to discuss a correction.

To submit an issue, you must first create a GitHub account. We recommend that you configure two-factor authentication for your GitHub account.

  1. If you identify an issue while you’re reading this guide, in the left navigation, click Submit Issues Here.

    GitHub opens, and the Issues tab appears. Review the existing issues to determine if someone else has already addressed your topic.

    A screenshot of the Issues tab of the FICAM-Arch Github repository.

  2. In the upper right corner, click the New issue button.

  3. Enter a title and description with your feedback, and click the Submit new issue button.

    Your issue appears in the list on the Issues tab.

You can track your issue and comments from your colleagues on the Issues tab. To receive notifications about activity in this project, in the upper right corner of the page, click Watch.