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Identity Management

Identity Service Diagram - Overview of diagram follows in text below.

Identity Management is the set of practices that allow an organization to establish, maintain, and terminate identities.

An IDENTITY is the set of characteristics (also called “attributes”) that describe an individual within a given context:

  • Your identity within the context of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is different from your identity within the context of your bank.
  • Similarly, a person who is both a government contractor and an Army Reservist will have two identities, one in each context. These identities are often called “personas”.

Identities change and evolve over time (you may get a promotion, change your hair color, or receive additional training) and may be terminated (you may turn in your driver’s license when you move to another state), but identities do not expire.

IDENTITY PROOFING is the process by which an identity is first established. This process can be simple or complicated, depending on the Level of Assurance (strength) that is required of the identity:

  • The process for a frequent shopper program at the local grocery store is weak.

  • The processes required by the DMV is stronger, typically requiring multiple forms of evidence, such as leases, mortgages, and utility bills.

  • The process required by the Federal Government is stronger still.

An IDENTIFIER is a unique attribute that can be used to locate a specific identity within its context:

  • While the DMV may issue many driver’s licenses bearing the same name (there is more than one John Smith in the state), each will have a different driver’s license number.

Identity Management Services

The Identity Management services in the Federal ICAM architecture include Proofing, Creation, Maintenance, Resolution and Deactivation.

Identity Service Details Diagram - Service definitions follow in text below.

Identity Proofing

Verifying information to establish the identity of a person or entity.
Keywords: Source Document Validation, Remote Proofing, In-Person Proofing


Establishing a digital identity composed of attributes that define a person or entity.
Keywords: Identity Lifecycle Management, Identity Record, Authoritative Source


Maintaining accurate and current attributes within an identity record over its life cycle.
Keywords: Identity Lifecycle Management, Updating, Attribute Management

Identity Resolution

Finding and connecting disparate identity records for the same person or entity.
Keywords: Identity Reconciliation, Account Linking


Deactivating or removing an identity record.
Keywords: Identity Lifecycle Management, Suspension, Archiving, Deletion