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How to Contribute

Thank you for considering contributing to our development of open and transparent architecture.

To contribute to this site, you can:

Information is provided below and you can visit the GitHub repository here.

Open an Issue

Issues are the primary way of sharing information and discussing this site with the broader community. For example, Issues can be used for:

  • Suggestions: You would like to suggest an edit or addition to any existing pages or information on this site
  • Corrections: You have identified a problem with existing information on the site and would like to discuss a correction

Issues may be submitted by clicking Submit Issues Here in the bottom of left side navigation.

For a quick guide on opening Issues, read how to open issues here.

Edit an existing page

Direct changes and line edits to the content may be submitted by clicking Edit this page in the top right hand corner of each page.

For a quick guide on editing a page, read how to edit a page here.

You do not need to install any software to submit content. You can use GitHub’s in-browser editor to edit files and submit the changes for discussion.

Notes on using this repository

In the GitHub repository here under the ‘Code’ tab:

Code tabl

There are folders containing the content and diagrams.

  • pages: includes the pages for Introduction, Background, Conceptual, Goals & Objectives, Applications, and Standards & Policies
  • usecases: includes the pages for each of the Use Cases
  • services: includes the pages for each of the Services Framework
  • img: includes all diagrams and images and are available for download and reuse anywhere

We encourage you to read our LICENSE and our README, which exist within this repository.

General Practices

This content is Vendor neutral. Marketing materials for Commercial Products should not be submitted. If you would like to contribute a page or content which includes Commercial Products and specific references for development and engineering, please review the Commercial Product trademark or copyright guides from the Product Vendor and reference those guides in your Pull Request.

Plain Language

Contributors should consider the audience when submitting content. Plain language benefits a broad audience. Review your proposed content for use of acronyms and specialized jargon before submitting.


The idea for providing this content as open source, the contributing framework, and the licensing framework are based on work from 18F.