This is the draft preview of version 3.1 for the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management architecture.

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Credential Management

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Credential Management is how an agency issues, manages, and revokes credentials bound to enterprise identities.

A credential is a data structure that authoritatively binds an authenticator to an existing identity using one or more identifiers. An employee or contractor uses an authenticator with a password or cryptographic module to assert their identity.

The following are types of authenticators:

  • Something you know, like a password or PIN.
  • Something you have, like a private key or One-Time Password (OTP) generator.
  • Something you are, like a fingerprint or iris.

The Authenticator Assurance Level (AAL) determines the authenticators associated with a credential. Federal government-wide policy requires a minimum Authenticator Assurance Level 2 for employees and contractors.

The following are some examples of credentials:

  • You might use a PIV credential that includes a picture, the issuing agency logo, and cryptographic key pairs to assert your identity at a federal facility.
  • You might use a combination of credentials, like a username/password with a one-time password generated by a mobile application, to assert your identity to a federal web application.

Unlike identities, credentials can expire. If an enterprise identity continues past a credential’s expiration date, the issuing agency can issue a new credential.

Credential Management Services

The Credential Management services in the Federal ICAM architecture include Sponsorship, Registration, Issuance, Maintenance, and Revocation.

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Formally establish that a person or entity requires a credential.

Keywords: Sponsor, Authorizing Official, Affiliation, Request


Collect the information needed from a person or entity to issue them a credential.

Keyword: Enrollment


Assign a credential to a person or entity.

Keywords: Activation, Token


Maintain a credential throughout its lifecycle.

Keywords: Renewal, Reset, Suspension, Reissuance


Withdraw a credential from a person or entity, or deactivate an authenticator.

Keywords: Termination